Xeo Quyt vestiage area

Video Đến thăm di tích lịch sử Xẻo Quýt Đồng Tháp

Video Đến thăm di tích lịch sử Xẻo Quýt Đồng Tháp
Xẻo Quýt - Địa danh lịch sử
Xẻo Quýt (07-10-2012)


Xeo Quyt- a base in the heart of the status quo is preserved: the tunnels, fortifications and tunnels secret... help travelers know the context of the life time of harsh anti-American.

It was the base of Kien Phong Provincial Committee offices in the war against the U.S. (late 1959). These parcels of natural mangrove forest protection officials and soldiers head sticking conducting revolutionary activities until full victory 04/30/1975 Come here guests have the opportunity to get more scenes of life harsh anti-American time - stamp on the war raging.



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Xeo Quyt vestiage area
Address Cầu Xẻo Quýt, Mỹ Long, Cao Lãnh, Dong Thap province, Vietnam
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